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Everyone should have their own blockchain


A cryptocurrency that you can earn by mining or by receiving from other users. You can also transfer your coins in or out of any webchain.


Data can be stored in the blockchain (interally called posts). The data can be any data type or data structures. An entire app can use webchain as a database for their data. An example would be holding comments for your web app on webchain.


Files can be stored with webchain. Any kind of file type would be accepted. There are three versions. One with a file size limit of 1MB, another where you can decide the file size limit, and another without a file size limit.


Hi, my name is zedsa, my github profile is I created webchain. Webchain was created to make it easy for anyone to run their own blockchain. With it, you can can mine and earn coins, post content, and upload files (max limit is 1MB). The webchain project wants blockchains to be used by everyone and anyone. Using webchain, any individual can run their own blockchain. The coins that are raised in these individual chains can be transferred in/out of any chain. As an added benefit you can post content and upload files. I wanted to make this project in a very simple way, which makes it easy for coders, developers, and even the average laymen to understand and improve it. I wanted to understand the concept of blockchain/cryptocurrency because of the disappointing times that we live in. Right now, everyone has to walk a thin line and walk on egg shells, and once you say the wrong thing, you will get banned online. Webchain is simple and it has multiple utilities. First you can earn coins by mining or receiving them, and also you can transfer them in and out of any chain. That way the funds go where you want it to go. The part i am really excited about is about the data and files you can upload. With a webchain, you can hold data which means you can post comments or maybe use webchain as your database for your web app, which would be stored in every peer/node of the specific chain you are using. You can also upload files with webchain as long as it is 1MB or under. That way important data you want to share with the world can be shared and not deleted which is becoming common in modern times. I named this project webchain because I wanted to make it a better version of a website. Unlike a website, webchain’s data is permanent once it is added in it’s blockchain. To get the full picture watch the video below.